20 Crazy ways we show love to our kids

Feb 4, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. ET
Image: BTA/Moment/Getty Images

Many parents say they love their children so much that there's nothing they wouldn't do for them. So powerful is that love that it sometimes make us lose rational thought.

We do things for our kids that would be considered totally weird and strange if we did them for anyone else, but for us they're just another part of the life of being a parent. Here are a few of the many crazy ways parents show their love for their kids.

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1. When you come across another adult who's sick, you keep a healthy distance lest you too start sneezing. But when your child is ill, you let them snuggle up against you even though you know it means you're sentencing yourself to the same stomach bug.

2. You let your child have the last slice of pizza even though you've been dreaming all day about pepperoni.

3. You hold it until your bladder is about burst because you don't want to risk waking the sleeping baby in your arms.

4. When your baby gets constipated, you aren't afraid to pull on a pair of gloves and take matters into your own hands.

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5. You do what it takes to get your toddler to eat — even if that means pre-chewing their food.

6. You do serial killer-esque things like save lost teeth and locks of hair because you can't bear to let go of a single bit of your child.

7. No parent wants their child to be uncomfortable in a soiled diaper, which is why you don't think twice about sniffing a butt in public.

8. You spend hours in stores or online in the quest to find the one gift that will make their birthday extra special.

9. You don't even like to shake hands with strangers, but you let your kids use you as a human tissue.

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10. If your breastfeeding baby requires it, you'll give up delicious foods like spicy tacos and cheese, all in the name of love.

11. Keeping a stash of singles on hand and taking the risk of waking your child up in the middle of the night seems crazy, but it's what you do to keep the joy of the Tooth Fairy alive.

12. Whether it's a costume for the school play or cupcakes for the bake sale, if it's important to them, you'll stay up until dawn to make sure it gets done.

13. If there's no time to get to a bathroom or trash can, you'll catch vomit with your bare hands rather than have it get all over your kid.

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14. You check under beds, in closets and behind doors carefully each night under their watchful eye even though you know there's no such thing as monsters.

15. You can't remember the capitals of all 50 states, but you've memorized every song from every episode of their favorite cartoon, because singing them together makes your child happy.

16. You may bemoan teens for spending too much time on Instagram, but you spend hours looking at photos and videos of your kids after they fall asleep.

17. Five words: the Elf on the Shelf.

18. You'll wake up an extra hour early to put together a bento lunchbox in hopes that it brings a smile to their face during the day.

19. You'll wear a feather boa and tiara to the store, because your child wanted to play dress-up.

20. You show up hours early with a tripod, camera, GoPro, iPhone and an iPad — all to capture a two-minute-and-37-second-long ballet dance.