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These nicknames make even better baby names for girls

If you’re not keen on long or formal baby names, then these girl nicknames may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Many moms choose longer, more formal baby names for their daughters and opt to use a nickname, either to serve during childhood or one that will last a lifetime. Well, if you really love a short version of a longer or more formal name, why not skip the formal name altogether and choose a fun, quirky or cute nickname as her given name?

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Many former nicknames are actually gaining ground as first names, and, in fact, there are many names that began as nicknames for longer or more traditional versions that may surprise you. For example, did you know that both Molly and Mae were originally nicknames of the steadfast, traditional name Mary? Mae actually completely dropped off the Social Security Administration’s baby name list after 1969, but it’s becoming more of a popular choice these days.

Its comeback began in 2010, and it continues to climb year after year. Also, you might not know that Maisie, which debuted on the SSA list at No. 658 in 2014 for the very first time, is a nickname of Margaret.

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These and other awesome nicknames are represented here. You’ll find some that have a modern, quirky feel and others that sound more classic and vintage — which is perfectly in line with today’s naming trends.

Nicknames that make good baby girl names
Image: Design via Becci Burkhart/SheKnows; Image via Getty Images
  • Abby instead of Abigail
  • Alex instead of Alexandria
  • Bea instead of Beatrice
  • Billie instead of Wilhelmina
  • Dora instead of Theodora
  • Dot instead of Dorothy
  • Etta instead of Coretta
  • Evie instead of Evelyn
  • Frankie instead of Frances
  • Franny instead of Frances
  • Gabbie instead of Gabriela
  • Jo instead of Josephine
  • Josie instead of Jocelyn
  • Kat instead of Katherine
  • Kate instead of Katherine
  • Lettie instead of Letitia
  • Libby instead of Elizabeth
  • Liv instead of Olivia
  • Mae instead of Mary
  • Maisie instead of Margaret
  • Markie instead of Margaret
  • Mitzi instead of Maria
  • Molly instead of Mary
  • Nell instead of Eleanor
  • Netty instead of Antoinette
  • Penny instead of Penelope
  • Pippa instead of Philippa
  • Sadie instead of Sarah
  • Suki instead of Susan
  • Tess instead of Theresa
  • Val instead of Valerie
  • Viv instead of Vivian

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

celebrity baby names
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