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Nicknames that make great baby names for boys

There are so many amazing boy names that have great built-in nicknames. So why not skip going the longer, more formal name route and give your little boy a nickname instead?


We all know someone who is known as Rob, Joe or Alex. Chances are, those aren’t their given names — their birth certificates likely spell out Robert, Joseph and Alexander. We still think their nicknames are totally good enough to bestow upon a child as a first name, and there are plenty more where those came from. Some nicknames don’t make good first names (like Spuds or Boss), but others, like the ones we chose here, make fantastic ones.

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This is also another way to incorporate a family name without using the exact same moniker. For example, if you wanted to name your son after your beloved grandfather, but you weren’t sure if you were up for naming your baby Tobias or Arthur, then you might select Toby or Art instead.

Go ahead and check out these super cute baby names that just so happen to be nicknames, and put them on the top of your baby name list.

Nicknames that make good baby boy names
Image: Design via Becci Burkhart/SheKnows; Image via Getty Images
  • Abe instead of Abraham
  • Alex instead of Alexander
  • Alfie instead of Alfred
  • Art instead of Arthur
  • Beck instead of Beckett
  • Ben instead of Benjamin
  • Bernie instead of Bernard
  • Bram instead of Abraham
  • Cam instead of Cameron
  • Charlie instead of Charles
  • Clem instead of Clement
  • Dash instead of Dashiell
  • Denn instead of Dennis
  • Dex instead of Dexter
  • Gabe instead of Gabriel
  • Gus instead of Augustus
  • Hank instead of Henry
  • Iggy instead of Ignatius
  • Ike instead of Isaac
  • Jax instead of Jackson
  • Jed instead of Jedediah
  • Joe instead of Joseph
  • Johnny instead of John
  • Leo instead of Leonard
  • Lex instead of Alexander
  • Max instead of Maximilian
  • Milt instead of Milton
  • Moe instead of Moses or Montgomery
  • Monty instead of Lamont
  • Newt instead of Newton
  • Nico instead of Nicholas
  • Ozzie instead of Oswald
  • Rafe instead of Raphael
  • Sam instead of Samuel
  • Sully instead of Sullivan
  • Theo instead of Theodore
  • Toby instead of Tobias
  • Vin instead of Vincent or Alvin
  • Walt instead of Walter
  • Xan instead of Alexander

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

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