Tyra Banks’ baby name is right on top of the trends

Tyra Banks made a pretty exciting announcement yesterday on Instagram, where she skipped an elaborate baby announcement in favor of a low-key post that introduced her son, York Banks Asla — born via gestational surrogate — to the world.

The post was as simple as it was adorable, a quick snap of a hospital-issue baby hat and the sweet announcement, where Banks expressed deep gratitude to the woman who carried York for Banks and her photographer boyfriend, Erik Asla.

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It makes sense that we didn’t know Banks and Asla were expecting a baby. The new mom has struggled with fertility in the past, and that, plus her decision to seek a gestational surrogate, are such private matters that no one saw this announcement coming! And since we didn’t, there was no time to speculate on what kind of name you give to a baby that’s destined to inherit supermodel good looks and his dad’s eye for art.

Turns out you name him York, which makes Banks’ new addition just one of many celebrity babies with a dignified surname as a first name, which is part of a larger trend.

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York technically means “from the bear estate,” and it could be a nod to the House of York, a branch of the Plantagenet royal family tree. That would make her on trend twice in the name she picked for her bouncing baby boy.

First, there’s the use of a surname as a first name, which we’ve seen with celebrities and non-celebrity moms recently. Names like Beckett, Harlow, Flynn and Emerson — all traditionally last names — have steadily gained ground on baby name charts and also happen to be the names of celebrity kids like Conan O’Brien’s son Beckett and Teri Hatcher’s daughter, Emerson Rose.

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Then there’s the royalty trend: New parents choosing dignified, classic names like William, George and Augustus, or simply taking a more literal tack and choosing monikers like Reign, King and Legend.

Whatever Banks’ reason for picking York for her almost certainly adorable-beyond-belief baby boy, we love the name, and we’re so happy she was able to realize her dream of being a mother. In the past she’s joked that she didn’t want just one kid but an entire “litter,” so maybe we should be keeping our eyes open for more surprise Instagram baby announcements in the future.