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Coleen Rooney’s post-birth diet is raising eyebrows

It’s become a popular trend among celebs but most of us still turn our noses up at the thought of eating our placenta — the organ attached to the lining of the womb during pregnancy — after giving birth. However Coleen Rooney is all for it.

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Following the birth of her third son, Kit, on Sunday Rooney decided that she was going to be eating the afterbirth. Although it’s not quite as graphic as eating your bloody placenta right there on the hospital bed. No the placenta gets made into little capsules designed by a “placenta encapsulation specialist” so that you can take them at your leisure. What the pills are meant to do is help new mothers recover naturally from childbirth.

Rooney took to Twitter to share a picture of her placenta tablets, all wrapped up nicely in a “Placenta Plus” jar, and she tweeted about how she was looking forward to starting her capsules.

But her tweet has had some very mixed reactions.

Some people are horrified and think it’s a promotional ploy.

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On the other hand some swear by the practice or want to try it themselves.

At childbirth the placenta’s duties cease and it becomes a waste product. However it’s common practice for mothers of other species to eat their own placenta following birth in the wild and the trend seems to be taking off with humans, too.

According to the BBC, The Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network claims that new mums who are feeling exhausted, fatigued or faint following childbirth can gain amino acids, essential fats and iron from eating the placenta, in addition to vital vitamins and hormones.

Other benefits are said to include increased energy, reduced bleeding, a boost in the production of breast milk and it may even help to prevent postnatal depression.

Rooney is not the first mum to do this either, as Kim Kardashian famously ate her own placenta following the birth of her son, Saint West. As did January Jones, who explained during an interview with Glamour magazine that eating it can “help women with depression or fatigue.”

The list doesn’t end there: Teen Mom 2′s Kailyn Lowry ate her placenta too, as did Kim Zolciak, who indulged in a placenta smoothie following the birth of her twins.

Would you eat your placenta? Or does the thought make you queasy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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