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Singer’s burnt baby bump sparks concern among fans (PHOTO)

Singer Sandi Thom suffered an accident over the weekend when she accidentally spilt boiling water all over her baby bump.


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Thom, who is known for hits such as “I Wish I Was A Punkrocker” and “What If I’m Right,” took to Twitter to share an image of her badly burnt bump, but assured fans that her baby (she is just weeks away from becoming a first-time mom) is OK.

She tweeted, “Accidentally spilled boiling hot water on my pregnant belly. So painful. But baby is ok & that’s the main thing.”

But that hasn’t stopped fans from showing their concern.

Thom and her husband, Matt Benson, are expecting a baby boy and while her accident was painful, it has not harmed her unborn child. However, this appears to be a question many mums ask, and there are multiple forums online all asking the same question and wanting to know if the burn has an affect on the baby.

The general consensus seems to be that if you have a superficial epidermal burn everything should be OK, but it’s best to always give your doctor a call regardless. If you want to know how to treat burns and scalds, the NHS has a detailed list of the different burns, treatments, recoveries and complications, which you can find here.

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This is Thom’s second incident while pregnant (that is, if you don’t count her rant about not having her new song played on Radio 2), as last month she was told to cancel her shows and rest after being rushed to hospital for tests following heart palpitations during a show in Glasgow, The Mirror reports.

Let’s hope the rest of her pregnancy is stress-free.

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