Kristin Cavallari’s struggle to hold her baby is an all-too-common mom issue

Last week, reality star and designer Kristin Cavallari was involved in a car accident in Chicago while driving alone. While none of her injuries were life threatening, she’s admitted that one of them is causing some undue stress.

Cavallari was hospitalized for several hours following a car accident that she was involved in last week. She’s lucky that none of her injuries were too serious, but that doesn’t mean that her ailments are making her life any easier. She revealed via Twitter that she dislocated her elbow during the accident, and that it’s preventing her from being able to hold her baby girl.

Cavallari has had a rough couple of months. Just weeks after welcoming her third child (and first girl) with husband Jay Cutler, Cavallari’s brother was reported missing. Three days later, he was found dead. Cavallari has since taken to social media expressing her heartbreak and thanking fans for their support.

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Shortly after losing her brother, Cavallari posted a picture of newborn daughter Saylor’s feet with a caption saying that “She has been a light throughout this whole thing.” She goes on to thank her little girl for giving her strength in the heartfelt Instagram post.

Can you imagine going through such tragedy, only to have yet another unfortunate event occur that kept you from holding your baby — the one thing that gives you comfort? And a dislocated elbow? Ouch!

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When we leave the hospital from delivering our children, we’re usually so elated that we forget about how much pain we’re in — at least for a little while. It’s nearly impossibly to keep a mother from loving on her baby, but sometimes doctor’s orders require us to limit our affection. “Take it easy,” they say. “Your body needs to recover.”

Oh OK, doc. We’ll just be over here “taking it easy” while our kids prepare their own meals, fold six loads laundry and potty-train themselves. It’s about time that newborn baby of ours started earning their keep.

Don’t doctors know that there’s no such thing as “taking it easy” when you’re a mom? This is especially true when, like Cavallari, you’ve got more than one mouth to feed. Kids don’t understand the concept of recovery or relaxation, and honestly neither do mothers. Our work never ends, and our lives never slow down. Not a day goes by that a mother is not needed.

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The type of strength it takes to endure all the trials of motherhood and tragedies of life is insurmountable, but we’re more than capable of weathering the storms because nothing can keep us from caring for our families. As for Cavallari, we wish her a super speedy recovery so that she can get that baby girl back in her arms as soon as possible.