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This school’s dress code checks are raising serious questions

Edmonson County High School in Brownsville, Kentucky, is making the news for all the wrong reasons this month. School principal Tommy Hodges allegedly forced a teenage girl to kneel on the ground in order to check the length of her dress.

Amanda Durbin is a senior at Edmonson County High School. She says she was humiliated after her principal ordered her to kneel on the ground to remeasure the length of her dress. Durbin stated that her dress was 5 inches above her knees when first measured, but afterward she was told to walk across the room with her hands up and later to kneel down to see if her dress would ride up.

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Her mother stated that many have told her the dress her daughter wore to school that day would have been something that was appropriate for church. So if it’s appropriate for church, why is it considered inappropriate at school?

Dress code debates are nothing new for the misplaced efforts of our school systems, but the ways in which they’re being enforced is bordering on perversion. To make a young, teenage girl kneel down in front of a grown man to see if her dress is too short is repulsive.

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Not abiding by the school dress code is an old argument, but the manner in which students are subjected to these measurements is leaving many to question whether these methods are appropriate. Durbin was simply doing what she was told when she was asked to kneel on the floor, but is that really something a teenage girl should have been forced to do?

Kids are taught to respect authority, and when we send our kids to these school systems, we’re entrusting their care to the authority of someone else. Incidents like this might cause many to question whether this sort of use of power is crossing a very, um, creepy line. Durbin didn’t question the authority of her principal, but this sort of deviance makes us wonder if perhaps maybe she should have.

Should kids be required to subject themselves to this sort of embarrassment? At what point do we tell our kids that it’s OK to say no?

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Making a young girl kneel on the floor while wearing a dress in front of a grown man is crossing the line. That sort of abuse of power is disturbing, and it’s frightening to think that other young girls might have also undergone similar checks. Yes, dress codes are in place for a reason, but there’s got to be a more appropriate and less depraved way of enforcing the rules.

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