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Pregnant model’s bikini pic has people seeing things

Ah, yet another picture that has the Internet in a fierce debate over what people think they see or don’t see. The subject this time is a bikini shot of pregnant model Adriana Sant ‘ Anna.

Some people are convinced they can see the outline of the baby through her skin. Take a look, and see what you think.

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It’s certainly not obvious at first glance to us, but once someone points it out, then… maybe you can almost see what people are talking about. Maybe.

It’s highly unlikely this is more than the effect of shadows. Anatomy tells us the baby simply isn’t that close to the skin. Remember that between the baby and the skin there’s also muscle, amniotic fluid, the uterine wall and a placenta. We’ve seen cases before where women think they see a baby’s face or foot or hand through their belly, but most of those have been chalked up to optical illusions by experts. Now, you can often see the baby stretching through the skin, but a full outline through the belly seems highly unlikely.

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How crazy would it be if we could see our babies clearly through our bellies, though? We could just look down and see what they’re doing while they hang out for all those months. Cropped maternity tops just might become a thing. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps) most of us just have to get by with ultrasound pictures until the big day arrives.

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In any case, this mama-to-be looks amazing, and we’ll look forward to seeing the little guy or girl fully after the birth.

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