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10 Twitter accounts making a difference in the way babies are fed

Anyone who has ever had a baby knows that there’s a certain learning curve, especially when it comes to feeding them. While in-person and hands-on help with a professional is always your best bet, sometimes it’s nice to have some support, information and general awesome info to rely on. That’s why these 10 folks/organizations are tops when it comes to help with nourishing your newborn.

Abby Theuring. Better known as The Badass Breastfeeder, Abby Theuring blogs about attachment parenting, breastfeeding and more. Both her site and her social media feeds are full of photos and information, all geared toward normalizing and promoting breastfeeding. Follow Theuring on Twitter at BAbreastfeeder.

Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka. Founder of Black Breastfeeding Week, Anayah Sangodele-Ayoka writes and speaks on many topics related to maternal health, including breastfeeding. With a background in nursing and a passion for activism, Sangodele-Ayoka is both informative and engaging. Follow her on Twitter at Anayahrose.

Breastfeeding USA. Breastfeeding USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to using evidence-based information to inform and support breastfeeding parents. Its goal of normalizing breastfeeding has great impact and can make the decision to breastfeed easier for some folks. Follow them on Twitter at Bf_USA.

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Felisha Floyd. As a board-certified lactation consultant, the breastfeeding coordinator at Florida Department of Health with WIC and president of the National Association of Professional and Peer Lactation Supporters of Color, it’s no secret that Felisha Floyd has a passion for breastfeeding. Her social media feed is all about normalizing breastfeeding, particularly in communities of color. Follow Floyd on Twitter at Blactavist.

Jessica Martin-Weber. Martin-Weber started popular site The Leaky Boob six years ago “to unite breastfeeding mothers and those that support them through laughter and tears of joy and share our experiences and informational resource.” Her active social media feeds are great ways to get that knowledge and support while breastfeeding. Follow Martin-Weber on Twitter at TheLeakyBoob.

Jessica Shortall. Author of Work. Pump. Repeat: The New Mom’s Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work Jessica Shortall offers advice and information on keeping up a breastfeeding relationship and pumping while returning to the workforce. Follow Shortall on Twitter at WorkPumpRepeat.

KellyMom. The ultimate evidence-based resource when it comes to breastfeeding, KellyMom is your one stop that will help answer pretty much any question or concern a nursing parent might have. Started by Kelly Bonyata, BS, IBCLC, KellyMom is a fabulous place for support and current breastfeeding information for professionals and parents. Follow them on Twitter at Kellymomdotcom.

Suzanne Barston. When it comes to the odious “Mommy Wars,” one of the biggest debates tends to center around breast milk vs. formula. It all comes down to the idea that intense judgment — from either side — isn’t helping anyone, particularly newborns and their stressed-out parents. That is why Suzanne Barston, better known as the Fearless Formula Feeder, is included on a list of mostly breastfeeding support. Bartson, author of Bottled Up: How the Way We Feed Babies Has Come to Define Motherhood, and Why It Shouldn’t, writes with great nuance that the important aspect is about how parents are supported and that their babies are fed. She promotes judgment-free support from both breastfeeding advocates and those who formula feed, making her someone well worth following, especially if you’re tired of all the “mommy guilt.” Follow Bartson on Twitter at FormulaFeeder.

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Ted Greiner. Going by the name of Global Breastfeeding on social media, Ted Greiner has a devoted following who enjoy his academically tinted take on the topic. Greiner is a professor of nutrition in Seoul, South Korea, and he does a great job of sharing information on breastfeeding all across the world. You can follow Greiner on Twitter at _breastfeeding.

Tipper Gallagher. Tipper Gallagher is an IBCLC from Minnesota who uses evidence-based information to educate and support families that breastfeed. Better known as “The Boob Geek,” Gallagher not only writes and tweets about breastfeeding, but she offers a variety of workshops on the subject. Follow her on Twitter at TheBoobGeek.

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