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Amazing mom breastfeeds while pole dancing (VIDEO)

Many parents use baby wearing to help them get things done: run errands, fold laundry, cook dinner. But what about pole dancing? One incredibly talented mom shows off her hardcore skills by baby wearing and breastfeeding, all while performing some fabulous moves on a pole.

Ashley Wright is not new to posting videos of herself performing incredible feats. But this recent one seems to have set folks on fire, quickly going viral. The video, which Wright posted to her public Facebook page, shows her calmly performing on the pole as her daughter, Shannon, is breastfeeding while safely strapped into her carrier.

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What Wright does takes some serious skills, something many of the people commenting don’t miss. With more than 2.5 million views and counting, Wright continues to receive tons of positive comments. Many are calling her a goddess, an icon and someone with superpowers, but Wright just sees it as sharing something she loves doing. With eight years of pole dancing under her belt, Wright simply found new ways to integrate her new role as a mother when she became pregnant with Shannon four years ago.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Wright explains how both breastfeeding and baby wearing allow her to be a mother while still getting other stuff done. She said her baby usually doesn’t want to wait to nurse, and she would rather not have to pause what she’s doing to nurse. Multitasking allows both of their needs to be met.

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Wright’s videos and inspirational posts are important on many levels. Not only do they normalize breastfeeding, something that unfortunately still seems necessary in this day and age, but in particular they do so for women of color. Women of color tend to nurse at lower rates than their white counterparts do, so anything that can be done to promote, support and normalize this facet of parenting is excellent. Wright also invited viewers in to see how she weaves the various aspects of her life together. The reminder to find that balance and to cater to yourself first is an important one, especially for new mothers who may be feeling a bit lost or overwhelmed. And then there’s also the awesome aspect of seeing a woman show off her incredible strength and skill.

Thanks to Ashley Wright, we now have a new definition when it comes to moms “having it all!”

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