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Woman’s reaction to a breastfeeding mom is one everyone should see (VIDEO)

Joey Salads is a YouTube star known for his infamous pranks and social experiments. His most recent adventure compared a woman with “sexy” breasts to a woman breastfeeding her child in public. Some of the results weren’t all that surprising, as many in the public made their distaste for public breastfeeding very well known. But one woman’s reaction was completely unexpected.

Whether or not you’re on the breastfeeding bandwagon, witnessing some of the unnecessary comments the breastfeeding mother was subjected to could make your skin crawl. The word “disgusting” seemed to be the most popular choice while belittling this woman who volunteered to be the guinea pig for this eye-opening social experiment. But amid all the lewd comments and judgmental glares, one woman made us want to start a slow clap.

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It’s the part where the expectant mother asked if she could accompany the breastfeeding mother on the bench where she was seated. She asks how breastfeeding is going and what she can expect once her baby is born. She tells the breastfeeding mother that she’s due in two weeks, and the two of them share a heartwarming moment in their common ground.

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“It hurts,” the breastfeeding mother admits. “I can’t feel this boob anymore.” The two of them have a laugh and continue their personal conversation as the rest of the public continues to gawk. In an incredibly over-sexualized society where everyone finds offense in something, including a perfectly natural act, it’s refreshing to witness women supporting one another. It’s something we don’t see nearly enough.

Too often the media hyper-focuses on the proverbial battle against the boobs when it comes to the normalization of public breastfeeding. While yes, it is important to bring light to the public disrespect, it’s also important to share stories of support. If women were more often exposed to scenes of other supportive women, then they might be more likely to put forth more legitimate effort in doing the same.

Motherhood should also resemble a sisterhood. It should be an experience we all embark on together. When we offer words of support, our words may mean more than we realize. They may be exactly what an exhausted mother needs to hear to encourage her through the rest of her daunting day.

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Kindness is free. We should offer it to everyone, especially mothers struggling in the light of public scrutiny for giving her child the nourishment they need. Seeing the expectant mother supporting someone who’s a complete stranger to her and witnessing the immediate bond these women shared is truly inspiring. We’re all in this together, so let’s get through it together.

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