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School bans pupils from wearing coats even though it’s freezing

If you’ve been wrapping up in your cosiest winter jacket to brave the chilly weather this week, spare a thought for the pupils of Cardinal Newman Catholic School in Hove, East Sussex.

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Despite the below freezing temperatures, the school bosses have banned the students from wearing coats because they pose a “security issue,” reported the Daily Express.

Pupils have expressed outrage at the crazy order. One Year 10 pupil who opted to remain anonymous said, “Fair enough not wearing them in class, but for pupils not to be able to wear them at breaks or going from lesson to lesson is bonkers.

“It would be OK if there were lockers or hangers in the school, but we’re made to put it in our bags or carry it around.”

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Headteacher Dr. James Kilmartin said: “Here at Cardinal Newman Catholic School we have a strict uniform policy which is in line with our high standards and expectations. We do not allow any non-uniform items including overcoats, excessive jewellery etc to be worn in any of the school buildings between 8.40 a.m. and 3 p.m.

“Our uniform policy here at Cardinal Newman Catholic School is well established and we are simply reminding students of the policy as they come back to start a new term. The sanction for non-compliance of school uniform is a break time detention. (sic)”

A school uniform policy is one thing — a good thing many parents would agree — but subjecting pupils to freezing temperatures is completely different.

The school hasn’t clarified exactly what “security issues” they anticipate having to deal with were the kids allowed to wear coats over their uniforms. Whatever they may be, surely there are more effective ways of taking action than imposing an overall ban on warmth?

What do you think of this school’s bizarre no-coat policy? Let us know your thoughts.

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