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Baby Girl Names That Mean ‘Strong’ are Perfect for a Future Trailblazer

Once we started digging into our favorite girly names, like Nina and Sophia, we discovered something kinda interesting — even the sweetest girls’ names have significance and strength behind them. Other bold and beautiful names, like Athena and Luna, have a notoriously strong history.

Somewhere between salty and sweet, we’ve rounded up our favorite baby girl names that pack a punch:

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baby girl names that mean strong
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Baby girl names that mean strong

The following girl names mean “strong,” and include a wide variety of classic and unusual names. We have listed the origin of the name as reference; click on the link for more background information.

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Girl names with other strong meanings

There are several girl names that don’t necessarily have “strong” as their meaning, but have meanings that are powerful, courageous and brave — just like your baby girl. According to the Social Security Administration, the most popular baby girl name in the United States — Olivia — means “olive, sign of peace” in Latin. Emma is currently the second most popular; this name means “universal” or “whole.”  See below for more names with great meanings.

We also love the name Nike, after the Greek Goddess of strength, speed and victory. Another beautiful name is Athena, after the Roman goddess of war and wisdom. Let’s not forget Luna, who was the Roman goddess of the moon.

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Girl names that sound strong

We also love girl names that have a strong sound to them. For example, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton named her daughter Princess Charlotte, which has a strong and classic sound to it. Unisex names also have a strong sound to them; for example, actor Dave Annable named his daughter Charlie Mae. Believe it or not, the name Khaleesi, from the “mother of dragons” character in Game of Thrones, is also climbing up popular baby name lists.

We don’t suggest you name your daughter Khaleesi; however, here are more strong baby girl names for you to consider:

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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Originally published Feb. 2016. Updated Sept. 2016.

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