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Baby names for boys that literally mean ‘precious’

Looking for baby name inspiration for your baby boy? These “precious” names are just what the doctor ordered. 

These gorgeous baby names all mean precious, loved or some combination of the two. And we can’t think of any better words that describe how you feel about your baby boy.

MoreExotic baby boy names from all around the world

From a variety of different languages and cultures, these names capture those first feelings of intense love you feel for your child (whether it’s the sort of fairy-tale “instant love” that some moms experience at their child’s birth, or that which develops over time). The sometimes overwhelming love a parent feels toward her child cannot be bottled up, sold or bartered for — but will likely be something that she always feels, and definitely never forgets.

From beloved traditional names like David to those that have a more exotic flair like Erasmus, try these baby names on for size and see if one makes its way to your baby name list.

  • Adal: This name with Old German roots means “noble, precious”
  • Adalgiso: This name is similar to Adal, but has a deeper meaning: “noble, precious promise”
  • Alain: Meaning “precious,” this name also has Old German roots
  • Alan: A traditional name we’re familiar with, this means “precious”
  • Almanzo: This name is a little more unique and means “precious man”
  • Alvin: This name means “elf, friend” but may also mean “precious friend”
  • Amadeus: While this name isn’t used often, it means “God’s love”
  • Amyas: Rooted in the Latin language, this name means “loved”
  • Anwell: Meaning “loved one,” this name has Welsh origins
  • Cedric: This chipper name, with Old English elements, means “kind and loved”
  • Corwin: From Gaelic, this name means “heart’s friend or companion”
  • David: This classic, traditional name means “beloved”
  • Drury: From Old French origins, this name means “loved one”
  • Erasmus: This Greek name means “to love”
  • Jedidah: Meaning “beloved of the Lord,” this name has Hebrew roots
  • Kedrick: From Old English, this name means “kind and loved”
  • Kevin: We all probably know someone named Kevin, which means “handsome beloved”
  • Leif: This Scandinavian name means “loved”
  • Sajan: From Hindi, this name means “loved one”
  • Yakar: This unusual name, originating from Hebrew, means “precious”
baby boy names that mean precious
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