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These baby names for boys literally mean ‘gift’

When you have a baby, you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Why not name your new baby boy after the gift that he is?

Many new moms and dads feel like they’ve received a gift straight from the stars or the heavens above when their baby is born. People have been naming their little ones after the word “gift” for a very long time, with many bestowing names that mean “gift of God” or even “gift of Zeus” upon their newborn children. If you’re interested in taking a page from the books of baby-naming history, we’ve got quite the lineup for you.

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Many of these names are as familiar to you as your own name — Matthew and Theodore are certainly not new to any of us. But other, more unusual names are also listed. Many of these names come from other cultures and are deeply rooted in different languages from around the world, and may have a more exotic, quirky or unusual lilt to them. This can be welcome as you envision your little one starting kindergarten in five or six years among a bevy of Noahs and Jacobs.

So go forth, Mama, and add some of these memorable “gift” names to your own baby name list.

  • Abisha: This Hebrew name means “gift of God”
  • Avishai: Another Hebrew name, this means “gift of my father”
  • Barack: Meaning “blessing,” this name has Swahili roots
  • Bogdan: This Slavic name means “God’s gift”
  • Darion: This name, which has Greek origins, means “gift”
  • Darko: While this may not be a popular choice, this Slavic name means “gift” also
  • Donato: With Spanish and Italian roots, this name means “gift from God”
  • Doron: Of Hebrew and Israeli origin, this name means “gift”
  • Eledoro: This fascinating name comes from Spanish and Greek origins and means “gift from the sun”
  • Fyodor: A quirky name with Russian and Greek roots, this means “God’s gift”
  • Ihab: Meaning “gift,” this name comes from Arabic
  • Jon: Of English and Hebrew origin, this name means “gift of God”
  • Matthew: Another name with Hebrew roots, this name also means “gift of God”
  • Matthias: This is the Biblical form of Matthew
  • Niaz: This Persian and Farsi name means “gift, present”
  • Price: From Old French, this name means “prize”
  • Sachar: This is a variation of a Hebrew name, Yisachar, which means “reward”
  • Shai: Meaning “gift,” this name has Hebrew and Aramaic roots
  • Theodore: This classy name has Greek origins and means “God’s gift”
  • Tudor: A very cool name, this means “God’s gift” and is a unique variant of Theodore
  • Zebediah: A Hebrew name, this means “gift of Jehovah”
  • Zeno: Meaning “gift of Zeus,” this name has Greek roots
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Image: Getty Images; Graphics: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

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