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These baby girl names mean hope

Baby girl names that mean “hope,” such as the Spanish name Esperanza or the gorgeous name Nadine, are an obvious choice for parents who’re hoping for a baby with a sunny outlook on life. 

If you are searching for baby names that mean “hope” let’s start with the obvious name, Hope. This name is of English origin and currently ranks at No. 231 in the Social Security Administration’s list of top baby names.

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The name Hope is fairly unique, but it’s also easy to spell and pronounce, making it a great choice for your baby girl. But maybe you don’t want to be quite so obvious?

Girl names that mean “hope”

We love these baby girl names that mean “hope.” You will find names on this list that are not only pretty, but have a wonderful meaning as well. The origin of the name is listed; click on the name to get more background information.

It is also fun to look at mythology to find baby names that are not only unique, but have a wonderful history and story to them. In Greek mythology, Elpis was the goddess of hope, while Spes was the goddess of hope in Roman mythology. Both of these names would make a unique baby name choice.

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Hope in other languages

If you are looking for an exotic girl name, the following words mean “hope” in other languages. For example, the name Esperanza means “hope” in Spanish. This would be a great way to include your culture or background into your child’s name. Here are more hopeful baby girl names in other languages: 

  • Espero: Basque
  • Espoir: French
  • Speranza: Italian
  • Kibo: Japanese

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baby girl names that mean hope
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