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Beautiful baby names for boys that mean ‘wild’

If you’re expecting a baby boy, you’re likely seeking out the best name for him. Why not give him a unique name that means “wild”?

Children, in general, can be a little wild. Eager. Curious. Enthusiastic. You may know a little boy or two who can be described with these colorful words. This can make for an attractive moniker if you dive deep into the meanings of certain names.

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Many parents choose a baby name because it sounds awesome. Sometimes they wish to honor a loved one, but parents also choose names because they sound strong, or intelligent, or just plain cool. Others, though, look a little further into what makes up a baby name, and as names often have roots in a certain language or culture, there are meanings hidden within that you can uncover for a point of genius inspiration.

Whether you expect your son to greet the world with ardent abandon or not, these baby names for boys may be precisely what you’re hoping for.

  • Arden: This unique name has Latin roots and means “ardent, enthusiastic”
  • Bolivar: A name of Spanish and Polish roots, this name means “mighty, warlike”
  • Devlin: Of Irish and Gaelic origins, this means “fierce courage”
  • Fagan: Meaning “little ardent one,” this name has Irish and Gaelic roots
  • Gael: This name comes from an Old Celtic word that means “wild”
  • Garvan: This Gaelic name means “rough”
  • Garvey: Meaning “rough peace,” this name has Irish and Gaelic roots
  • Girvin: This is another Irish and Gaelic name that means “small rough one”
  • Gwalchmai: This Welsh name means “battle hawk”
  • Ignatius: This name may possibly mean “ardent, burning”
  • Keegan: Another Irish name, this means “ardent”
  • Larkin: Meaning “rough or fierce,” this name has Irish roots
  • Lorcan: Meaning “little fierce one,” this name too has Irish roots
  • Lunn: Another Irish and Gaelic name, this means “strong, warlike”
  • Rowdon: This name has English roots and means “rough hill”
  • Sassacus: Meaning “wild man,” this name has Native American origins
  • Silvestre: Derived from words that means “rustic, wild,” this has Spanish origins
  • Tyr: Of Old Norse origin, this name refers to an ancient Norse god who was brave and bold
  • Wilden: An English name, this means “wild”
  • Wilmore: This name comes from words meaning “uncultivated, wild”

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boy names that mean wild
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