Police officer saves abandoned baby by breastfeeding her

New mother Luisa Fernanda Urrea is a police officer in La Marina, Colombia. She was called into a remote forest settlement where locals had found a baby girl while they were collecting oranges. Born just hours earlier, the baby, who still had part of her umbilical cord attached, had been left for dead and was not only starving but suffering from hypothermia as well. If it hadn’t been for Fernanda Urrea breastfeeding the incredibly malnourished baby, she might not have survived any longer.

Fernanda Urrea said that, as a new mother, she recognized that the baby was in need of nourishment and that she believes any other mom would have done the same. The baby has since recovered and is now in good health. She’s being care for by the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, where they are searching for an adoptive home for the little girl.

A mother’s love is inexhaustible, no matter the route a woman takes to become one. Breastfeeding a starving child that is not her own doesn’t even garner a second thought if her nourishment is needed. While some may raise their eyebrows at the sight of something similar, most consider it a perfectly natural act.

Remember the story about the sitter who breastfed both her son and the boy she was caring for while his mom was away? Some people opted for perversion when stating their opinions, but thankfully most were supportive. Jessica Ann Colletti had been keeping her friend’s son since he was 3 months old while still caring for her own son too. Colletti knew her friend had struggled with breastfeeding and that her friend’s son was also having issues with formula, so when Colletti asked if she could breastfeed both boys, her friend was elated.

And why wouldn’t she be? So many women have trouble breastfeeding for one reason or another. If a woman was struggling with feeding her child, don’t you think it would be perfectly normal to accept assistance? We all want what’s best for our children. If that means allowing another woman to provide them with the nourishment they need, then that should be perfectly OK, yet our society still somehow gawks at such a scene.

And it’s not just the Internet trolls that have a problem with it. Talk show host Wendy Williams is less than enthused about public breastfeeding as well. Last week she and guest Alyssa Milano clashed over public feeding in a heated debate in which Williams said, “I don’t need to see that,” to which Milano asked if Williams would enjoy eating under a blanket.

Regardless of where you stand or whether you’d want someone else to breastfeed your child, there’s no denying that the selflessness of a mother’s love, whether it’s toward her child or the child of another mother, is something we all should happily applaud.


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