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Saintly baby names for girls

Are you looking for a perfectly saintly baby name for your little girl? This vast list of actual female saints is sure to get you started. 

These beautiful names were held by real saints over the course of history, and there are many gorgeous choices. Some we’re very familiar with, like Abigail and Mary, but there are other more unusual alternatives to look over if traditional names aren’t your style.

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Whether or not you’re motivated by religion or you’re taking in as many baby names as possible as you fill out your own list, there are quite a few different types of baby names reflected in these venerable options. From names that you’ll find on modern baby birth certificates like Lucy or Sofia, to names from your favorite Harry Potter movies like Hedwig and Hermione, to some really great examples of beauty like Adela and Zita, to some classic monikers that are coming back into style like Beatrix and Jean, you’re sure to find a few names to ponder as you make that incredibly important choice before or shortly after you have your baby girl.

saintly names for girls
Image: Getty Images; Graphics: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

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