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Dad responds to 6-year-old’s request for loan with hilarious letter (PHOTO)

As parents, we often feel like banks, handing out money here, turning down an endless stream of requests for more there. One dad from St. Louis, Missouri, made his banker status a little more official.

On Reddit, user Sonan303 shared the letter he wrote to his 6-year-old son who requested an advance on his allowance to buy a toy. It’s full of pure brilliance.

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Dad Bank Letter
Image: Reddit

Show of hands — who’s copying this letter for future use? The best part is where he offers an option to refute the decision by calling the complaint department phone number, which just happens to be Mom’s number.

As funny as it is, teaching kids financial responsibility from a young age is important. With sobering statistics that show 1 in 3 Americans is near financial disaster, it’s essential that we teach money management skills to children so they know that money doesn’t just grow on that proverbial tree.

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Experts suggest setting your kids up for financial success by employing tactics such as showing by example, handing over responsibility for how they spend their own money and making financial decisions as a family. A little bit of humor along the way, as this dad shows us, won’t hurt either.

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