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Saintly baby names for boys are a heavenly choice

Names of actual saints are amazingly varied, and while there are traditional names such as Thomas and Edward, there are others that may surprise you. 

Whether you’re deeply religious or simply looking for an awesome name for your baby boy, you may stumble upon the perfect name among these 90+ saints.

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There are plenty of traditional saint names scattered throughout history that are present in these names, like Alexander, Anthony and James, but there are quite a few that are a little off the beaten track. All of these names belonged to men who were recognized for their exceptional degree of holiness, and while many are familiar to you, some are a little more obscure.

The beauty of this collection of names is that there are so many of them from so many different backgrounds. Airick is unusual, but may be a good choice for someone who likes the name Eric but was hoping for a more uncommon name. If you like Irish or Gaelic names, you’ll find a few here, like Ronan or Cian. Other names might remind you of J. R. R. Tolkien’s works (Balin) or a boy you grew up with (Brice). Others are the names of your favorite actor (Benedict) and still others are so unique you’re not sure where you’ve heard them before (Zeno and Ivo).

There are also a ton of options here for middle names, especially if you like one of the more unusual names but aren’t sure if you want to use it for his first. So buckle down and let this saintly baby name list inspire you as you name your own little bundle of joy.

saintly names for boys
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