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Your kids’ education is in these people’s hands — pay attention

When it comes to our kids’ schooling, we want the best. Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, many kids aren’t getting the education they need or deserve. Thankfully, there are many hardworking and dedicated folks out there who are invested in helping support and inspire kids when it comes to education. These are just a few of them.

Bethe Almeras. Bethe Almeras, who blogs as The Grass Stain Guru, is an educator who believes in “the power of play, nature and laughter.” Her social media feed is a great mix of educational information and things that might make you giggle. Follow Almeras on Twitter at balmeras.

Darcel White. Traditional schooling isn’t for everyone, and Darcel White’s blogging and tweeting about her adventures in unschooling confirms that. White’s blog, The Mahogany Way, focuses on her life with her children, all their daily happenings and how education — the way they see it — fits in. Follow White on Twitter at MahoganyWayMama.

Erica Arndt. The No. 1 alternative to traditional schooling that most people have heard about is homeschool, something that Erica Arndt knows a lot about. Arndt chronicles the daily experiences she has with her four young children at her blog, Confessions of a Homeschooler. Follow Arndt on Twitter at ericahomeschool.

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Ileana Jiménez. Known as the Feminist Teacher, New York high school teacher Ileana Jiménez not only teaches unique and engaging courses on activism and feminism, but she also actively speaks about these topics all over. Jiménez created the #HSFeminism hashtag, which invites conversation around the topic from both educators and students alike. Follow her on Twitter at FeministTeacher.

Jessica Lahey. You can find educator Jessica Lahey speaking and writing frequently about school-related issues all over. From her bestselling new book, The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, to her New York Times column, “The Parent-Teacher Conference,” you can learn more about how to help your kids gain their independence and succeed in school. Follow Lahey on Twitter at jesslahey.

Jennie Magiera. This Chicago technology educator is a White House Champion of Change, an Apple Distinguished Educator and all-around inspirational woman. Magiera writes a lot about engaging ways to use technology in the classroom, on both her blog and social media feeds. Follow Magiera on Twitter at MsMagiera.

John King. Former high school social studies teacher and principal John King is currently the Acting Secretary of the U.S. Department of Education. King tweets frequently about his hopes and goals for students in America, as well as highlighting many of the accomplishments by various schools, educators and students. Follow King on Twitter at JohnKingatED.

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The Joan Ganz Cooney Center. This wonderful organization has been at the center of one of TV’s most beloved education shows for children, and you probably had no idea. The Cooney Center is the creator of the Children’s Television Workshop, which developed Sesame Street! Their feed is full of informational and interesting findings on learning and early literacy in children. Follow the center on Twitter at CooneyCenter.

Ron Clark. Ron Clark may have made headlines recently for dancing with his students, but the real story is the work he does daily as a middle school teacher and co-founder of the innovative Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta. The school not only houses incredible educators, staff and students, but it remains a destination for many school boards and educators who are looking for inspiration and invigoration to bring back to their own communities. Follow Clark on Twitter at RonClarkAcademy.

Sara Mead. For a different sort of education specialist, why not follow Sara Mead? Mead is an education and early childhood policy analyst with Bellwether Education Partners, a nonprofit that helps education organizations become more effective in their work. Mead tweets a lot about early learning, so parents of preschoolers might be interested in checking her out. Follow her on Twitter at saramead.

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