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These baby girl names mean love… literally

Love brought your baby girl into your life, so picking a baby name that means “love” makes perfect sense. From gorgeous names like Amanda to unique names like Mila or Amora, find a lovely baby girl name picked straight from the heart.

Many of today’s parents are looking for baby names that have a special meaning and speak to them. The baby name Love, which is a girl name of English origin, is a unique and beautiful option. Love could also make a perfect middle name (think Jennifer Love Hewitt) for your baby girl.

Baby girl names with lovely meanings

We are falling head over heels for these baby girl names that actually mean “love.” You can find both unique and classic names on this list. We have listed the origin of the names, however you can click on the name to find out more background information.

Lovely-sounding baby names

You can also give your baby girl a name that makes you think of love. For example, Valentine is an adorable name that is of English origin and means “strong.” Another option is the beautiful Spanish name Valentina, which also happens to be the name of Salma Hayek’s daughter.

Heart is a unique choice for a first name, but it makes a truly beautiful middle name — for example, Lily Heart or Penelope Heart.

For more inspiration, think of how love makes you feel or the words you use to express love to find sweet baby names. For example, the name Cher means “dear one” or “darling” in French. Here are more lovely words that would make great baby names:

  • Precious
  • Darling
  • Happy
  • Adore
  • Honey

There are also gorgeous names from the flowers that make us think of love. For example:

Think back to what flowers your man brought you or the name of the flowers you used in your wedding for naming inspiration.

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Lastly, think about the colors of love, such as shades of red and pink, for baby name inspiration. You can also consider your wedding colors or even birthstone color for more baby name ideas. Here are some of our favorites:

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Tell us: What is your favorite baby girl name that means “love”?

baby girl names that mean love
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