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These rustic baby names for girls are as charming as they are adorable

Sweet, country-ish names for baby girls aren’t just for southerners anymore — rustic names are making a comeback, and they’re downright adorable.

These timeless baby girl names roll off your tongue like a slow molasses, and remind us of a time when kids ran around barefoot in wet grass catching fireflies. If you’re trying to stay away from name trends that will fade over the years, a rustic name for your little girl may just be what you are looking for.

rustic baby names for girls
Image: Design via Becci Burkhart/SheKnows; Image via Getty Images

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There are other rustic-inspired baby names that you can peruse for your baby girl. If you’re not feeling the southern vibe of the names above, check these names out instead — they may not sound super country, but they have meanings that remind us of country living and may make for the perfect choice. In fact, they may pair very well with any of the names above for a truly rustic first and middle name combo with plenty of countrified punch.

  • Acadia: This gorgeous name has Algonquian-Wakashan roots and means “place of plenty”
  • Aluma: A Hebrew name, this means “sheaf of grain at harvest”
  • Anonna: This is the name of the Roman goddess of the annual harvest
  • Arleigh: Meaning “hare meadow,” this name has Old English roots
  • Ashley: This name, which means “ash meadow,” also has Old English roots
  • Aven: This name, from English roots, means “mountain avens” flowers
  • Beverly: Meaning “beaver stream or meadow,” this name comes from Old English
  • Bryn: This amazing Welsh name means “hill”
  • Cleva: Meaning “hill dweller,” this name has Middle English roots
  • Glenna: This is an Irish or Gaelic name that means “valley between the hills”
  • Kasha: This is a type of Middle Eastern grain
  • Oralee: This English name means “wind meadow”
  • Shyla: A Hindi name, this means “daughter of the mountain”
  • Zia: Meaning “grain,” this name has Arabic and Latin origins.

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Originally published February 2016. Updated November 2016.

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