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Kim Kardashian hires a therapist for her toddler

Bringing home a second child is tough. Introducing them to a toddler and hoping their existence is both warmly and happily embraced is, well, laughable. Apparently Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are experiencing that firsthand, as they are considering hiring a therapist to help little North West adjust to her new baby brother.

North is reportedly not coping well with sharing the spotlight with baby Saint West.

According to a family insider, Kardashian feels like she’s got two newborns in the house, because North’s behavior is disrupting the rhythm of the family, especially when it’s time to sleep. But can you really blame little North for her jealousy? She’s genetically susceptible to be the most adorable diva ever. Were her parents really surprised? Kardashian is reportedly looking into hiring a behavioral therapist to help ease the transition of sisterhood for North and to aid her in accepting her little brother as a part of her family.

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It’s not all that often that someone with such monumental fame as Kim Kardashian comes off as, um, normal, but her struggle with North is something we all can relate to. We’ve been there too. Bringing a newborn home to their older sibling is tough. Sure, maybe at first they think he or she is kind of cute, but in time, resentment begins to breed as their once unopposed territory is intruded upon.

What North is experiencing is most likely just a phase of toddlerhood. In time, she’ll probably adjust to her new baby brother and want to drag him by his stylish little onesie with her to every front row of Fashion Week. Which raises the question: Is Kardashian overreacting to North’s behavior by potentially hiring a therapist? Can a child benefit from behavioral therapy at such young age?

Kids, especially toddlers, are inherently jealous. Firstborn children have been the star of the show for their entire lives. So it’s understandable that when a baby enters the picture and hogs all the real estate on their parents’ lap that they might revert to a childlike state. They take note that when their baby brother or sister is crying, they’re rewarded with attention. So wouldn’t it make sense for them to do the same?

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Finding the right groove as a family of four is no easy feat. Nurturing a newborn while still fostering enough love and attention for a toddler is one of those things that requires practice — or voodoo magic — whichever yields the best results. Most pediatricians recommend including your toddler as a part of the team while caring for a newborn. Give them special duties like fetching blankets and singing songs to help them feel included and important.

We regular ol’ humans don’t all have readily available therapists on standby for when our children rebel, but what if we did? Kardashian, like all of us, just wants what’s best for her children, and her vexation is completely understandable. If you were standing in her Louboutins, what would you do?

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