12 Things not to say to your friend going through IVF

In-vitro fertilization can be a new and amazing journey for a couple who’s decided to start a family. Until they start talking to their own friends and family, that is.

IVF is a complicated and emotional process, and the only thing the couple wants is love and support. Which, sadly, is not what many couples find.

Here are some comments you should keep to yourself when your friends are giving you the good news. Be happy for them or keep your petty comments to yourself.

1. Why would you want to bring a life into such a messed up world?

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2. There are so many possible health issues.

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3. Really? Why wouldn’t you adopt a kid, so many kids out there need a home.

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4. It’s no big deal; why are you making such a fuss?

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5. Now who am I going to hang out with!?

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6. You would be better off just working and traveling; it’s so much more fun.

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7. You are going to be so boring for the next year.

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8. Don’t have a kid; they are such a pain in the ass.

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9. Why would you put yourself through this? You realize you will most likely have a miscarriage.

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10. If that’s how you want to spend a ton of money, go for it.

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11. Are you sure you want to do that to your body ?

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12. Your life will change, better or worse. Good luck with that mess.

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Why, yes we will. Thanks.