Ali Fedotowsky adds pregnancy to her wedding planning

Former Bachelorette star and E! News correspondent Ali Fedotowsky shared some exciting news today: She and fiancé Kevin Manno are expecting a new addition, perhaps in time to participate in the couple’s wedding.

The couple announced their engagement just this past September on Instagram, and now they’ve added extra excitement to the months leading up to the big day: a new baby!

Fedotowsky spoke to Us Weekly about the news, engaging in a little good-natured humor about the timing of their pregnancy:

“We are so thrilled that we are going to be parents! We’ve been pretty vocal about our desire to start a family as soon as possible and feel incredibly lucky to be able to share that we have a little one on the way! … You see, last year, when we started planning our wedding, we couldn’t find any good ring-bearers or flower girls, so we decided to make our own. Ha! Kidding. But really, we are so ready to be parents and already love our little one more than we could have possibly imagined.”

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There was a time when the idea of a couple having a baby before they married was unthinkable, and the timing of a pregnancy after a whirlwind romance and marriage was highly suspect. Nowadays, though, we barely bat an eye when we hear the news.

More and more couples are opting to cohabit and start families before they ever even toss around the idea of marriage, and of course celebrities are no different. It’s become totally commonplace for A-listers and normals everywhere to mix up the expected order of love, marriage and baby carriage, and that can be a really awesome thing, especially if it means destigmatizing kids born outside of “wedlock.”

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There are so many ways to make a family, and this is just one of them. It’s also one that’s got a pretty sweet perk that comes along with it: built-in wee wedding party participants, just as Fedotowsky and Manno said. They may have been joking, but there’s no getting around the fact that having your child witness and participate in your wedding can be a really meaningful — not to mention completely adorable — event that combines two amazing life milestones into one big heartwarming ball.

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Fedotowsky and Manno’s wedding is sure to be an event worth watching anyway, and now fans just have a little (literally!) something extra to look forward to. Congratulations are obviously in order for the pair, not just for their impending wedding but also for their new addition. All the better that the couple gets to combine the two.


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