‘Creature’ pops up in mom’s ultrasound, and he doesn’t look friendly

Look at the image below. Notice anything a little strange about it? This ultrasound has the Internet freaking out because some people see more than a baby.

The ultrasound, posted to Reddit’s r/creepy board by user luigivampa-over9000, is attracting attention for the blurry image to the right of the fetus. Take a look:

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Some users are convinced that something a little sinister is lurking there — a demon or perhaps something a little Satan-y. Others have compared it to the Hindu goddess Parvati, while still others say it looks like a mermaid, just not the kind Disney would make a film about. The post, titled “When you see it…,” is purportedly the user’s friend’s sonogram, and there’s a little more to it than meets the eye.

What does the image actually show?

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Well, it shows a fetus chilling in amniotic fluid in the womb; nothing more and nothing less.

This is the perfect example of something called pareidolia, a phenomenon that causes your brain to glitch out a little bit when it’s confronted with shapes or images that could be configured into something recognizable. It’s what makes you think that giraffes look like clouds or that there’s a man on the moon or that Rorschach inkblots look like vaginas or whatever. It’s an interesting quirk of the human mind that causes us to assign meaning to something that’s actually pretty mundane.

Of course, a little science never got in the way of wild speculation, which makes for interesting dinner table conversation or online comment threads. Upping the creep factor in this case is the fact that the baby vacated the womb two months early, as if to escape the menace, according to the original poster, who said:

“The baby was premature by 2 months. They asked the tech who did the ultrasound what it was- they didn’t really have an answer besides they haven’t seen something like that before. Kinda an interesting story with a photo to go along.”

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Totally. It also spawned a few collusive posts from other parents who also had weird-looking ultrasounds, like this one that resembles a bloodthirsty robot à la The Terminator:

Hasta La Vista Baby

And this one, which can only be described as a spot-on image of a face screaming in terror:

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All these images serve to prove just two things. The first is that the mind is a strange machine that does strange things, and the second is that long before they’re even born, children begin to creep us out. Even before their teeth erupt gruesomely from their gums or they say off-kilter things that remind you of Damien from The Omen, they’re there in the womb, sucking their thumbs next to demonic mermaid goddesses.

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One commenter on Imgur summed up the creepiest thing about this photo pretty succinctly with a single sentence: 

“That thing in the middle looks like 18 years of your life gone.”

What do you think? Is there something eerie here or just a weird mind trick?


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