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Wedding ceremony interrupted by little boy’s pooping problem (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing kids can always be counted on to do, it’s to blurt out something inappropriate at just the right moment. Case in point: The little boy who stole the bride and groom’s thunder — and is stealing hearts — in the latest viral video from a wedding.

It seems the little stinker had to make, well, a stinky… just as the wedding officiant was really getting into the good stuff. So he loudly announced, “I need to poo!”

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Take a look:

Hey! When you have to go, you have to go, right? And when you’ve been doing that on your own without a diaper for only a few years (from the look of it, this little guy is no more than 5 or 6), you know better than to wait until an accident happens.

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Of course the woman who rushed in, snagged the little guy and rushed him off to the potty is the real hero of the day. She’s also a nice little reminder to us all that if you’re going to have kids in weddings (and why not, they’re incredibly adorable), it’s always wise to have someone on tap to step in and deal with the often hilarious side effects, be it a needed trip to “go poo” or someone to keep the flower girl from trying to stuff petals down the ring bearer’s cummerbund.

Somehow we know this video will be pulled out a lot as this kid gets older, likely played ad infinitum by amused relatives well into his teen years, to see just how red his cheeks and ears can get.

Here’s hoping he gets the last laugh!

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