Mum's 5-step technique could make bedtime a breeze

Jan 4, 2016 at 2:23 p.m. ET

All mums know that trying to get your little ones to shut their eyes at night is a tough feat, so if you're looking for a new way to preserve your sanity, you might want to follow Danielle Wright's advice.

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The Sydney mum of three has been making headlines for her book Sleepy Magic because she may just have discovered the solution to the problem all parents wrestle with: getting kids to fall asleep without any lengthy negotiations.

At least, that's what you're all hoping, right?

Wright's sleeping techniques include a breathing exercise, positive affirmations, an imaginative story and body relaxation. She told Daily Mail Australia that by following these simple steps as outlined in her book, she can get her boys to bed in 20 minutes, regardless of how energetic they are before bedtime.

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Sharing her methods with the publication, Wright revealed how the entire process began. She said, "I decided one night to do meditation on my son at bedtime.

"He kept asking for it… and it became a habit," she continued. "It made a huge difference, him getting to sleep was easy and there was no frustration around sleep anymore."

She then shared the five-step process with the publication:

  1. A series of affirmations
  2. The question: "What are you proud of today?"
  3. A breathing exercise
  4. An imaginative story
  5. Body relaxation

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Speaking of her nighttime ritual, Wright said, "I'm introducing a bit of spirituality to them," adding, "You are just saying to them to close down the energy inside of them, they're doing a visualisation of shutting down."

The book is aimed for children between the ages of 3 and 10, but Wright claims it could be used on older children who are feeling stressed. You can find out more about her book on her website.

Do you have trouble getting your little ones to bed? Would you be willing to introduce spirituality to their routine to make it easier?