Revolutionary Dutch maternity beds make it easier for mum to bond with baby

A Dutch hospital has come up with an incredibly simple way to make it easier for mothers to bond with their newborns during their post-delivery hospital stay.

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Instead of having baby in a separate crib — or, even worse, a separate room — newborns at the Gelderse Vallei hospital are placed in cribs that are attached to their mothers’ beds.

Dutch hospital uses clip-on cribs for newborns
Image: Ziekenhuis Gelderse Vallei

“Mother and child are thus close together and can touch each other without the intervention of a nurse,” says the hospital’s website. “Breastfeeding is easier because the baby is nearby. Especially after a caesarean delivery, if the mother is not very mobile for a few days, the manger has great advantages.”

This idea is a game-changer for mothers and babies, particularly those that have to remain in hospital for a few days following delivery.

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After my daughter was born, via caesarean section, sitting up was hard enough, let alone getting out of bed and crossing the room and lifting her out of the hospital crib. Our 3-day post-delivery stay in hospital would have been much easier if we’d had a clip-on crib.

If you like the look of these clip-on cribs — also referred to as sidecar cribs, bedside cots and co-sleepers — you can also buy them for home use from a range of retailers, including Bednest (who also offer a rental option), Mothercare and Little Pumpkin.

Clip-on bedside crib for newborn
Image: Bednest

Bonding with baby can be tough so anything that makes it a little easier in the early days has to be celebrated. Let’s see clip-on cribs in maternity units all over the world, please.

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