JWoww’s baby bump is nobody’s business but hers

Another pregnancy celebrity has come under fire for a barely there baby bump. This time it’s Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley who is being skinny-shamed by fans over her baby weight gain (or lack thereof).

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The reality star, who announced her second pregnancy at her wedding to Roger Mathews in October, shared a snap of her pregnant belly on Instagram this week, along with a callout for her pregnancy fitness regime:

Although some applauded JWoww for taking care of herself during her pregnancy, a number of “fans” hopped on to flame Meilani’s mom for not really looking pregnant and for being “unhealthy.”

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Unfortunately the habit of attacking women over their pregnancy weight is becoming increasingly common, especially for celebrities whose pregnancies play out in public. JWoww’s troubles come just weeks after Coco Austin was slammed for slimming down just days after giving birth to baby Chanel and admitting she’d gained only 13 pounds during her pregnancy.

But when you consider American doctors just released a study in November that noted only a third of pregnant women stay within doctor-recommended guidelines for weight gain, it’s more than a little obvious that America has absolutely no clue what appropriate weight gain is for a pregnant woman. Of course, we also have no idea what’s going on with another woman’s body, be it what she weighed when she conceived, what her health has been like since conception, what her doctor has recommended and so on. So commenting on another woman’s weight during pregnancy is, at best, rude. At worst, it’s creating a societal pressure to do something with her body that may not benefit her — or her baby — in the long run.

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Eating for two” and growing a big ol’ basketball on her front may be what society thinks pregnancy should look like, but doctors actually point out that gaining too much weight can put a mom at risk for everything from gestational diabetes to hypertension, preeclampsia to premature births, and can heighten the risk of an emergency cesarean section.

So next time you see a pregnant woman — celebrity or otherwise — whose belly doesn’t seem “big enough” to you, consider the old adage, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

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