Grandma’s reaction to adoption secret is priceless perfection (VIDEO)

There are Christmas gifts, and then there are life-changing, amazing Christmas gifts that strike pure joy in your heart and forever change your life. Eva Goeb of Franklin, Indiana, got one of the latter this year.

In an amazing, goose bump-inducing, tearjerking video that’s gone viral, we see her joy as her son and daughter-in-law, Donny and Miranda Goeb, make a surprise visit. That was exciting enough for Eva, as the Air Force couple had been stationed in Hawaii and she had no idea they were coming. Then she sees what they’re holding, a baby girl — their adopted baby girl, Lily — and she completely loses it… in the best way possible.

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According to a GoFoundMe page the couple has set up to try to recover some of the $30,000 they paid in fees to get their daughter, they had been working for months to adopt a child. While their families knew they wanted a baby, they had no idea they had already adopted one. Worried that the adoption could fail and not wanting to break the big news over the phone, they waited for an in-person reveal, and boy, is the Internet glad they did. The video has already been shared more than 5 million times, and it’s easy to see why.

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It’s such a beautiful glimpse into how beautiful adoption can be. If Lily ever questions whether she was truly wanted, watching this video will surely quell any doubts.

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