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Kids meeting Santa in slow-motion shows how it all really goes down (VIDEO)

When it comes to kids meeting Santa, there’s all the excitement and hype leading up to the big event. Then, there’s the actual meeting of Santa.

Some kids rush to him with their eyes wide and arms open, while others shriek in fear as this big, red, hairy stranger tries to get them to sit on his lap. You just never what know you’re going to get until the moment arrives.

A hilarious video that has gone viral captures the extremes on both sides, which would be mesmerizing enough. This one goes a step further, however, and does it in slow motion, so that you can see the extreme range of emotions.

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I think that extreme range of emotions is something we can all relate to this time of year, even if Santa isn’t in the picture, right?

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For those parents whose children are among those who want nothing to do with the Big Guy, fear not. Experts say a fear of Santa might be a good thing as it shows they’re developing a healthy awareness of stranger danger.

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No matter how it goes down, it’s all about the memories, though. Merry Christmas!

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