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The hottest baby girl name trend in 2015

She’s sugar. She’s spice. And if you were pregnant with her in 2015, chances are pretty good you considered naming your baby girl something that ended in a vowel.

In fact, when SheKnows took a look at the most searched baby names in 2015, almost half ended in an “a” or the long “e” sound. From the elegant Ella to the unusual Zara, there was plenty of love for the “a,” while throwbacks like Nancy and Mary scored big on the “e” sound end.

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The clear winner was Emily, however, a classic name with a strong meaning: hard working. Isabella, which means “devoted to God” wasn’t far behind, taking the number two slot.

Take a look at the whole list: 

top baby girl names
Image: Tiffany Egbert/SheKnows

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Which name is your favorite?

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