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Mom gives birth to not 1 but 2 babies with teeth (PHOTO)

Imagine giving birth, looking down at your new baby and noticing they already have teeth poking out of their gums. Don’t think it can happen? Well, one mom had it happen not once, but twice!

Natal teeth, or teeth present at birth, happen only once in every 2,000 births. Natal teeth present in twins are even more rare. And yet, in a case of lightning striking twice, a mom welcomed twin baby girls who were both born with teeth. Her story made the British Medical Journal, where researchers explained that the fraternal twins were born prematurely at 32 weeks gestation, and yet each already had two natal teeth.

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Check it out!

baby born with teeth
Image: BMJ

Now for the good news. When a baby’s born with teeth, it may surprise you or look a little odd, but it turns out there’s no reason to panic.

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The mom in this case was still breastfeeding 30 days in and said she had no pain. What’s more, the little girls’ doctor decided the teeth could stay in their mouths, provided Mom and Dad kept up an oral hygiene routine.

In other words: A baby born with teeth is just like any other baby! You can breastfeed them, and while most babies don’t sport a tooth until around 6 months old, dentists recommend moms and dads clean a newborn’s gums daily even before teeth erupt with some wet gauze.

And just think of the story you get to tell.

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How old were your kids when their teeth came?

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