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Kid tries to return his baby sister in hilarious viral Christmas card

‘Tis the season for a mailbox filled with cards showing the happy, shiny faces of friends and family far and wide. Then there’s the card from Larry and Claire Hall of Manorville, New York, which shows something a little bit different.

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The hilarious greeting, which has been shared more than 70,000 times since Larry posted it on Facebook last week, brilliantly depicts just how his toddler son “Little Larry” feels about his baby sister.

I’m sure big brothers and sisters around the world can relate to wanting to return their little siblings to sender at one time or another throughout their lives. One day Mom and Dad are all yours, and then suddenly there’s this little screaming, pooping, creature taking every minute of their time. No wonder Little Larry had to tie them up to carry out his naughty plan.

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Holidays are hectic enough. Throw in a new baby, and as joyous as the addition may be, it’s definitely a time families need to find humor wherever they can. The Halls nailed it this year, and they have a long history of hilarious cards as well over the years as their family has grown. Here are a few.

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