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5 Ways a single parent can make the holidays awesome for the kids

The holiday season is a time when families come together to celebrate. However, many families, be it because of divorce, breakups or other reasons, do not spend the holidays together. Single parents may wonder, “What can I do to make the holidays special for my children?” I have some tips for single mothers and fathers who want to ensure a spectacular holiday season for their kids.

  1. For the sake of your children, do your best to get along with the other co-parent — It’s never easy on children when their parents split up, and arguing among the parents only makes things more difficult. Of course, it’s important for parents to be civil year-round, but since the holidays are big on family time, be sure to put your children’s well-being and happiness ahead of your personal problems with your ex. That’s better than any material gift you can give your child.
  2. Plan parties with other single parents — It will show your children that they aren’t the only ones in their situation, and it can also benefit you and help you to see that you aren’t alone either. Your child’s mother or father may not be around to celebrate, but these parties will remind your children that there are so many people around them that care.
  3. They say it takes a village to raise a child; embrace that village! — Instead of thinking about what your family lacks, look around and focus on all of the people who support you and your children and show you unconditional love.
  4. ?Attempt to make amends with your ex for the sake of your kids — In some cases, you and your children may have become estranged from the other parent. Every child deserves to have both parents in his or her life. Make an attempt to reach out to the other parent and re-connect. Hearing from mom or dad for the first time in years could make this the best Christmas yet for your child.
  5. Remember to have a happy holiday yourself — As important as it is to make sure your children enjoy the holidays, you deserve to feel good too. Treat yourself to a gift from you to you, or choose a fun activity you enjoyed when you were young and make time to do it with your own children.

Do you have any other tips for single parents during the holidays? If so, tell me all about them in the comments! I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday, and I hope you get to celebrate with your family.

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