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Chelsea Clinton shares pregnancy news with adorable announcement (PHOTO)

The author, philanthropist, activist and former NBC correspondent shared her announcement via Twitter.

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We’re still months away from being able to say for sure that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president, but on Monday, daughter Chelsea made an announcement of her own — she’s expecting her second child with husband Marc Mezvinsky this summer. Clinton and Mezvinsky’s first child, Charlotte, was born in 2014. Soon after Chelsea tweeted her news, her parents responded with their own excited tweets, elated to be grandparents for the second time.

Before Charlotte was born in 2014, there was speculation that Clinton might forgo a presidential run if she became a grandmother, but there are no signs that having another grandchild will deter Clinton from her campaign now. According to Chelsea, the only child of the Clintons, her mother is and always has been super involved in Charlotte’s life, from her daily routine to offering possibly unsolicited parenting advice. “I’m sure this is a common thing with new moms with their mothers!” she told People.

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So far, Chelsea hasn’t played a large role in Clinton’s presidential campaign. She was very active in Clinton’s 2008 campaign, introducing her mother at the Democratic National Convention and speaking on her behalf across the country on college campuses. While her work has kept her in the public eye (she was an NBC correspondent until 2014 and continues to be a big part of the Clinton Foundation), Chelsea has been largely private, and really, who can blame her? Chelsea has seen her fair share of the media sludge, even when she was the first daughter, and it’s unlikely she’ll be able to escape it now that her mother is running for president again. What will a second pregnancy mean for any work Chelsea might take on if her mother secures the Democratic nomination?

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Do you think Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be affected by the birth of another grandchild? Would you like to see Chelsea help campaign for her mom?

Chelsea Clinton
Image: ABC news

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