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Kids offered a pile of gifts make a choice that has parents sobbing

Picture it. Your kid is sitting in a room and someone offers them the one Christmas gift they’ve been begging you to buy, but there’s a catch. They can take that gift, or they can walk out with one gift for you. What do you think your kids are going to pick?

Gifts for themselves or a gift for Mom and Dad? Hint: Your kids are probably a lot sweeter than you’re likely to give them credit for being. At least that’s the moral of an incredibly sweet viral video out of Up TV and the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta.

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A group of kids were presented with that exact choice. The producers even put physical gifts right in front of the kids to tempt them, and the results were… Well, grab the tissues and see for yourself.

Jeez Louise. Who is cutting onions up in here?

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All attempts to pretend we’re not crying aside, it’s hard to deny this is the kind of video that affirms for parents that they are doing something right. Of course it’s nice for kids to do something for their parents. It tells us that the unconditional love we feel for them really is reciprocated. But more to the point: We all want to raise kids who will do something for others, especially when it means making a sacrifice. That’s the very definition of a kind kid.

What would your kid do?

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