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20 Parenting resolutions our Experts are making this year

Parenting is tough, I hear. It’s full of demands and moments of love, guilt and pride. We asked Experts what they hope to do better in their parenting this year. Here’s what they said.

As a parent, my resolution is…

“… to pay more positive attention to my children — go for walks, sit at the table for dinner and start volunteering more at church.” — Lisa Samples

Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

“… to at least, once in a while, go ahead and get dirty with them. We can laugh now and clean later.” — Ari Adams

“… to give more kind, patient responses than ever before!” — Ashley

“… to stop using semi-foul language in front of my kids. They are older, so it’s nothing they haven’t heard before, but it’s still not a good example to be setting. (I’m actually not waiting until the new year to do this!)” — Caroline Poser

“… to discipline in love, to shower him with attention and to make sure that he has a happy and educational home life.” — Jessica Michael

“… to spend time with my kids in activities which make it difficult to use a cell phone and require physical exertion (5K runs, one-mile walks, hiking, skiing). Spend more time in fresh air with my children!” — Laura Nuss

“… to be patient. I will also practice kindness so that my seven children emulate a tender and loving spirit. I will spend quality time listening instead of yelling.” — Michelle Casten

“… to say yes more. I spend so much time worrying about messes, injuries and future therapy that I don’t let my children indulge in their creative streaks. I want to allow them to grow as people without constantly undermining their independence.” — Katie Reed

“… to be present with my children. My phone can be so distracting sometimes that I miss the little moments.” — Bola Onada Sokunbi

Image: Becci Burkhart?SheKnows

“My resolution is to be more present. Whether physically or mentally — the young years are so impactful and fleeting. I want to help create memories that will last a lifetime.” — Amy Juicebox

“… to take better care of myself in order to be a better parent! And to give my growing kids opportunities to become more responsible and grow their abilities.” — Pat Fenner

“… to show my three children that anything is possible at any stage and area of life. My main goal is to lead by example.” — Valerie Robinson

“… to remain steadfast in teaching my children how to be responsible, loving citizens.” — Desiree Townsend

“I would love to spend more time with my daughter and teach her the basics of baking. I would like to see my daughter decorate a cake by herself. And I also like to spend time with her on board games, which she loves. She will surely get a lot of mommy time this year.” — Gayathri Kumar

“… to trust that even though they are always going to be my children, they can actually handle life on their own.” — Crysta Icore

Image: Becci Burkhart/SheKnows

“… to let my adult children lead their own lives, make and hopefully learn from their own mistakes, being wholly supportive without intrusion. They are adults now.” — Regina Bauscher

“… to parent myself a little more. I have spent so many years encouraging, supporting and cheering on my kids. They are now teens/young adults, and I have time to spend some of this energy on myself. Maybe sign myself up for classes, learn a skill, take an adventure… things I would encourage my kids to do.” — Randi Mazzella

“… to set some time aside every week to work on learning something new.” — Jenny Farmer

“… to make time each day to snuggle. Whether she is curled up on my lap or I wake her up with a good long hug.” — Mary O’Brien

“I resolve to have more vacations with my child, travel more and read more books together.” — Maimah Karmo

“… to help our Ethiopian son adjust to America, to not be picky about him not hanging up his clothes or wearing wrinkled shirts. Love him as he is — a wrinkled shirt never killed anyone.” — Sharon Williams

“… to use my time more wisely. If I can be more productive while writing my blog, cleaning the house, cooking, etc., then when I am spending time with my daughter, I can be focusing completely on her.” — Deanna Hershberger

“… to help my daughter learn about submitting her writing to magazines.” — Michelle Goad

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