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Beautiful British baby names for girls

You don’t have to follow Kate Middleton and Prince William’s lead to find and Anglophile name for your little princess. British names for your baby girl range from traditional monikers like Emily to more unique selections like Isla.

As with boy baby names that hail from the U.K., there are a few selections here that have a royal background — notably Zara, an Arabic name that Princess Anne bestowed upon her baby girl in 1981. Other names may be very familiar to you (Do you know anyone who named their baby Chloe?), but other names on this list, which were all in the top 100 in England and Wales in 2014, may be the perfect, quirky choice you’ve been looking for.

MoreRetro baby names perfect for a modern mom

Retro baby names are currently all the rage in the U.S., but that trend is not exclusive to us by any means. Matilda is a shining example of a baby name that hovered on the edge of the U.S. Top 1,000 popularity chart since the 1940s before dropping off completely in 1965. It hopped back on in 2008 and has been climbing since, and in 2014 it was ranked 583 out of 1,000. Conversely, the same name, which means “mighty in battle,” landed at No. 36 on the U.K chart for the same year, enjoying a prominent position among the top 100.

These delightful British baby names may be perfect for your little one, whether you’re scouting for a traditional baby name, or one with a little more British sound to it.

British baby girl names
Image: Terese Condella/SheKnows

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