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Jammie-wearing Holderness family ‘Elfs’ America in crazy new video

Fun fact: Did you know it’s been two years since Xmas Jammies made Penn and Kim Holderness household names… and made you hum when you pull out your own nightie for Christmas Eve?

Well, the family that captured America’s hearts (and OK, a fair amount of its ire) is baaaaaaack with another parody video, this time spoofing Kendrick Lamar’s I Love Myself. And what are they wearing? Christmas jammies, of course!

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Elfin jammies, that is. America, prepare to get #Elfed:

Wait a second — did the Holdernesses (Holderni?) just give us a new option for that awful family newsletter people send out in their Christmas cards? Could we just make a quickie video with the kids being goofballs and then Facebook it to all our friends?

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Think of all the time (and hand cramping) we’d save on not having to address 100 envelopes, run to an actual post office (who goes there anymore?), and hey, we could make the kids do the heavy lifting. Hmm. They may be on to something!

What do you think? Are you going to get #Elfed this holiday?

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