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Baby boy names from Old Hollywood

The Golden Age of Hollywood was full of gorgeous sets, high romance and dashing leading men — so why not turn to Old Hollywood for the perfect baby name?

When Archibald Alexander Leach was born in 1904, nobody knew that he would eventually grow up to be one of Hollywood’s definitive leading men, but by the time he changed his name to Cary Grant, there was an indication that there was something big brewing. And while some of these talented guys were born with traditional, all-American names like Clark Gable, others had to (or were told to) tweak their birth names to give them broader appeal.

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So too can you name your baby a strong, classic name directly from the Golden Age of Hollywood. These men were household names from the ’20s to the ’60s, and while many still reign the modern popularity charts (like James and John), others are a little more unique, like Spencer, Errol and Vincent. Male names tend to not be quite as trendy as female names, but there are certainly many inspirations here (including classic gems like Burt and Henry) among Old Hollywood’s stars of yesteryear.

old hollywood baby boy names
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