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The lifesaving Elf on the Shelf hack for tired and forgetful moms

The Elf on the Shelf is all sorts of fun and excitement… until it’s not. Mom Courtney Boles, however, came up with the most genius hack to help moms and dads who are a little Elf exhausted at this point in the game.

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She posted a picture of her elf “Buddy” with a cast on his leg. Poor Buddy, but the beauty: He can’t move for two weeks. Santa’s orders!

Parenting win, indeed!

The Elf pressure is real. In the beginning it’s so fun to surprise and delight your kids with all sorts of crazy elf antics. Parents pore over Pinterest for ideas and revel in their kids’ reactions each morning… for a while.

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Then that darn Elf just seems to taunt you with his smirky smile as the kids wonder why he didn’t move for the past three nights. Mommy offers up explanations and promises that he’s sure to move the next night… only to wake up to disappointed faces because she fell asleep, exhausted, and forgot. Again.

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So a broken leg? Perfect! We predict parents around the world will be stealing this idea. Just hope your kids don’t get the idea to make little elf crutches.

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