Woman gives baby unforgettable name after giving birth in Uber car

Dec 15, 2015 at 9:09 a.m. ET
Image: David Ramos/Getty Images

When a laboring woman's repeated calls didn't result in the arrival of an ambulance, she called Uber to take her to the hospital instead. That was the beginning of a birth story her child will never be able to forget.

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With the woman and her two friends in tow, the Uber driver named Shahnawaz, began the journey to the hospital in New Delhi. Only the woman, Babli, was in such a state that he had to stop and help the woman deliver the baby right there in the Uber car. Shahnawaz then rushed them to the hospital, put Mom and Baby on a stretcher and rolled them into the building where doctors took over.

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But the excitement didn't end there. Because Babli was so grateful to the driver, she let him name her baby. Most parents spend months planning just the perfect name, so letting a stranger name your child is one giant leap of faith. Shahnawaz's choice? Uber, after the company for whom he works. (Someone may be getting a big holiday bonus?)

It's certainly a memorable name, and talk about a great built-in conversation starter for life!

Don't be so sure he's the only little Uber you'll ever meet either. It's actually a Spanish variation of Hubert, and beyond the meaning associated with the transportation company; it's also German for "over" or "super." So who knows, maybe there will be a whole fleet of little Ubers running around at some point.

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