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The controversial move Kim Kardashian is making with Saint’s placenta

Placenta is on the menu for Kim Kardashian after giving birth to her son Saint. The reality star announced today on her blog that she’s eating her placenta.

She’s not frying it up and devouring it with a knife and a fork, but rather had the placenta freeze-dried and turned into pills she can pop.

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She’s certainly not the first mom to try this; in fact, placentophagy (the technical term for eating one’s own placenta) is almost a fad it’s so popular. Many women (including Kim’s sister, Kourtney) claim it helped them recover after delivery and stave off depression and post-baby blues.

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Kim said she’s “really not this holistic person,” but she’s trying it because “what do I have to lose?” And she says the pills are working. She feels “a surge of energy” every time she takes one, and she highly recommends placenta-eating to other women.

Sounds great… only then there’s science, which says the benefits of eating your placenta are just a hoax — or at least overblown. A recent study found no health benefits for women who eat their placentas. There’s also some concern that there could be a potential risk in eating a placenta that may contain toxins and pollutants.

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So if you are considering eating your placenta, talk to your doctor. Discuss the potential pros and cons, and — like anything else — don’t do it just because it’s a fad or some reality television star says you should.

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