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7 Things I have learned as a mother of two

My journey as a mommy of two kids has been exceptionally exhilarating. In the past five years of being a mother, I can say without an iota of doubt that every day has been an adventurous ride that has brought with it a new set of lessons.

From all the late night parties and spontaneous romantic getaways with my partner to the breastfeeding woes and potty-training sessions with my kids, I have come a very long way over the last couple of years. In my journey of trying to raise my little ones in the best way I possibly can, I have grown remarkably, courtesy of all the successes and failures. Here are the top seven things I have learned as a mother of two:

1. My maternal instincts ??are almost always right

When I was expecting my first child, I read a fair number of parenting books, all of which specifically highlighted the significance of maternal instincts. At the time I thought it was just something the writers included to make their readers feel empowered. Only when I had my first baby did I realize it’s true indeed! My second child further reinforced my faith in my gut feeling. I could easily differentiate my baby’s cry for hunger versus her cry for sleep.

2. Asking for help is completely fine and even necessary

Handling two kids all by yourself, especially when one of them is just a few months old, isn’t easy. I figured this out soon enough after my second child was born, when I discovered breastfeeding her with one hand and making lunch for my kindergartner with the other was humanly impossible. I realized no matter how much I denied the need for help, I needed it — not just for my benefit, but my kids’ as well. I have hired a nanny to help me, and on days when she’s unavailable, I reach out to my mom or my friends for assistance.

3. Obsessing over everything is pointless

As a mom, it’s not unusual for me to be overly concerned about my kids’ wellness and safety. I am extremely particular about what my kids eat, how well-clothed they are and whether they’ve slept enough. Despite doing my best, I have learned that there will be times when my kids will fall sick, put something inedible in their mouth or develop a weird rash, but that’s completely normal. I have realized that jumping to conclusions, panicking and thinking of the worst-case scenarios won’t help; being vigilant and logical will. My kids’ doctor has now become one of my best friends, to whom I reach out whenever an emergency arises.

4. I am a lot stronger than I thought

I have also learned motherhood is the greatest test of your physical, mental and emotional strength. Each day when I hit the bed, and my mind runs its chain of thoughts, I get surprised how I can endure all of the issues faced during the day without backing down. I guess it’s a gift with which God blesses all the mothers around the world.

5. I have mastered the art of patience and planning

Six years ago, patience sure wasn’t a virtue I could boast of. As a mother, it has indeed become one of my greatest strengths. I have realized that it saves me a lot of unnecessary stress and can even surprise me at times. Along with developing the knack for patience, I have also become a master planner. Prioritizing and planning have helped me streamline a lot of daily tasks for myself and my kids. It has eased my life in a big way!

6. But planning doesn’t work all the time

This may seem contradictory to the statement above, but it’s true! I have learned there will be times when all the planning goes kaput, and you just need to go with the flow. There are days when my partner, my kids or I just want to spend time at home, doing fun stuff together, and that’s totally fine. The ballet lessons and the football classes can wait.

7. I discover something new about myself every day

Whether it is my artistic inkling or my flair for teaching, as a mother of two I learn something new about myself each day. In the journey of trying to make my kids discover their passions, be it art, science or music, I have discovered numerous unknown things about myself, and it’s thoroughly fascinating!

Most of all I have learned that there’s nothing in the world that can beat the feeling of being a mother. It enriches you as a person and lightens your spirits even on the hardest of days. All you need is a hug and a kiss from your darling angels.

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