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School kids suggest baby names for their teacher and the results are golden

Choosing the right baby name can be tough but most people have help in the form of friends and relatives, eager to take credit for the favourite. Asking kids for suggestions, however, doesn’t sound like a particularly productive exercise. Or maybe it does…

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One teacher decided to involve her young pupils in the baby-naming process by asking them to put forward names for her unborn child.

“My cousin is a preschool teacher and asked her students to suggest names for the baby she is expecting. It went well,” posted user notdeadbabies on Tumblr.

Check out some of these beauties.

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It’s impossible to pick a frontrunner.

There are some lovely, ordinary names in there: Anna, Gracie, Lucy, Sally and Henry. And then there are some absolute crackers, taking inspiration from food (Potato and Strawberry), four-legged creatures (Dog and Elephant), Christmas (Cindy Elf) and flying literary characters (Peter Pan).

And then there are those that are, quite simply, beyond categorisation or explanation. Meet baby Grandma and her twin brother, Racecar.

Genius. Hopefully we’ll all find out what name Miss Julie plumped for — she may just surprise us all.

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